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The Plant Design Software Specialists
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The Product

PROCHEM-C is an integrated software system for users dealing with

  • piping
  • chemical industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • oil refinery
  • power plant construction
  • naval construction
  • food processing
  • environmental technology (e.g. water and waste water treatment)

A wide range of usage :

PROCHEM-C can create block flow diagrams, process flow diagrams, P&I schemes including material flow bilances, parts lists, component lists together with their specification and integrated calculation.
Additionally, the software allows complete processing of foundation plans, steel construction plans and erection plans, as well as the collision-free piping of the plant with automatic creation of isometrics, pipe plans and cut plans including lists.
Creation and administration of maintenance and problem handling data are included.
The integrated data base allows the administration of the components as well as the generated constructions, drawings and lists.

The results of PROCHEM-C can be transferred to production planning systems (PPS), pipe stress analysis systems, simulation programs, documentation systems and other software for further processing.

PROCHEM-C is concepted as a package of modules that can very flexibly be integrated into the work flow organisation and the IT concept of the users.

Flexibility in handling and operation :

The modules of PROCHEM-C are used interactively with a graphics tablet or with a GUI tool and the mouse.
Furthermore, the programs can be controlled by commands via the keyboard.
Distinct working routines can be automated by macros.
Additionally, the programs have a batch mode for full automation of complete working routines.

Flexibility in application and installation :

PROCHEM-C can be operated with all features as well on a single workstation as in a network.
It can be installed individually on every workstation or on a central application server.
The installation directory can be chosen freely.
Beyond that, PROCHEM-C is available as a ToGo version, preconfigured on a USB memory stick with a LINUX live system, e.g. for presentations, design reviews etc. on mobile or varying computers or on custumers systems.
Moreover, PROCHEM-C ToGo is the ideal possibility to rent a system for a test project without fixed installation on a computer. Or to equip additional workstations for a limited time.

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