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The Plant Design Software Specialists
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The Company

Complansoft has been established in Feruary 1984.
Before that, the founders worked in the plant design and piping business for many years.
This experience and the wish for helpful tools in plant design led to the development of CAD (computer aided desing) programs on desktop computers. The software was tested directly on the job and further developed.

The use of the software was interesting for other plant designers too, and so parallel to engineering work the software development was extended and a software distribution department has been established.

Until 1986, engineering and CAD software development were the business goals of Complansoft. After then, these businesses had been transfered to two different companies.
Complansoft set it's focus to software development and distribution as well as the according services since 1986.

Complansoft LTD has been established newly in August, 2004 to enforce the presence in the international market.

PROCHEM-C has been developed according to the needs of practical work and the wished of the users and in tight cooperation with our custumers. Long before the term CRM (customer relationship management) has been created, we set our policies to achive the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

Our software development and service division is situated cetrally in Europe where it can be reached easily and comfortably. It is equiped with up-to-date communication systems.

The Clients

Among our clients are big industrial enterprises as e.g. Deutsche Solvay, Siemens Energy Sector and many others.
Additionally, there are many important engineering and construction companies among our clients.
Because of the great efficiency and flexibility of the software, PROCHEM-C is also used by many small engineering offices and free lance engineers.

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