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System requirements

PROCHEM-C is available on the following systems :

64 Bit Systems :

  • PCs (AMD 64Bit and Intel EMT64 CPUs) with LINUX 64 Bit
    Running on 64 bit LINUX distributions with kernel 2.6.9 an higer, e.g. Novell/SuSE 10.x 64 bit, RedHat 4 and 5 64 bit, CentOs 4 and 5 64 bit and Debian 4 64 bit on all kinds of PCs (laptops, desktops and high-end PC workstations, same configurations as with LINUX 32 Bit).

32 Bit Systems :

  • PCs (AMD and Intel CPUs) with LINUX 32 Bit
    Our customers use distributions from Novell/SuSE, RedHat, CentOs and DLD on all kinds of PCs from standard desktop systems and laptops up to high-end PC workstations with high performance graphics engines and dual screen configuration.
    Also possible are configurations with 2 dual screen workplaces at one computer.

  • PCs (AMD and Intel CPUs) with Windows NT4.0 or Windows 2000
    Additionally needed software for Windows systems :
    • UNIX shell environment, e.g. Cygwin tools or CoLinux or Microsoft S ervices for Unix (SFU) or MKS Toolset
    • X11 Server, e.g. Hummingbird Exceed oder Cygwin/X or Xming
    • GLX/OpenGL extension for certain X11 servers, e.g. Hummingbird Exceed 3D

  • Silicon Graphics (MIPS CPUs) with IRIX 5.2 and higher

Other UNIX systems (e.g. SUN Solaris, IBM AIX, BSD) on request.

During the development of PROCHEM-C the easy portability to different system platforms and the transparent access to data of different systems were important criteria.
For this reason PROCHEM-C can be used on low cost entry systems as well as on high performance platforms.
Many customers use PROCHEM-C on serveral different platforms.

At the moment LINUX is the preferred platform because of low price and TCO, the great flexibility, the high overall system performance, the huge variety of open software interface, the high level of security an stability and the simple installation and system administration.

On the actual available and the following systems PROCHEM-C has been used by our customers :
Apollo/Domain (Motorola MC680x0 CPUs ; Domain/OS 9.7, Domain/IX 10.1),
Data General AViiON 400 (Motorola M88000 ; DG/UX),
DEC MicroVAX II (DEC VAX KA-CPUs ; Ultrix ab 2.2),
DEC DECstation (MIPS CPUs ; Ultrix ab 4.1),
HP 9000 S300 (Motorola MC680x0 CPUs ; HP-UX ab 7.0),
HP 9000 S700 (HP PA-RISC CPUs ; HP-UX ab 8.0.5),
IBM RS/6000 (IBM PowerPC CPUs ; AIX ab 3.1),
Intergraph InterAct/InterPro (Intergraph Clipper CPUs ; UNIX System V),
Sony NeWS (MIPS CPUs ; NeWS OS 3.91),
SUN (SUN SPARC CPUs ; SunOs 4.x, Solaris)

PROCHEM-C supports the following peripheral devices :

  • Plotters : alle completely HPGL and HP RTL compatible devices, e.g.:
    • HP DesignJet 650C/750C/C+ and newer models
    • OCE 5120/5220
  • Printers :
    • HP PCL compatible printers in A4 and A3, LaserJet II and newer models
    • Kyocera PRESCRIBE printers in A4 and A3, F-1200/5000/5500, FS-6500 and newer models
    • Canon LBP-8II/8III/8IV
    • Canon BJ10
    • Canon BJC-800 and compatible printers (ESC/P)
    • EPSON Stylus Pro series, Stylus Photo (all ESC/P compatible printers)
  • Graphics Tablets : (min. 30x30cm / 12x12")
    • Kontron Digicad 1212 and larger (1218, 1824)
    • Kontron Digicad Plus 1212 and larger (1218, 1824)
    • WACOM UD-1212 / UD-1218 (Wacom IV compatible, only LINUX, SGI, Windows)
    • WACOM Intuos2 A4 Oversize / A3 CAD USB (Wacom V compatible, only LINUX)
    • WACOM Intuos2 A4 Oversize / A3 CAD Serial (Wacom V compatible, only LINUX and SGI)
    • WACOM Intuos3 A4 Oversize / A3 Wide CAD (Wacom V compatible, only LINUX)

The Windows version of PROCHEM-C can use all output devices accessible to the system via the WIN32-API.

Additionally, there are partner solutions and OpenSource converters that allow the output to lots of other devices.

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