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Image : 3D construction


PROCHEM-C can be individually configured from the following modules :

> Base module > Isometrics modules > Schematics module > 3D plant design

> DTX Data Base Server (Multi-User / Multi-Client)

> Mask driven data base client for terminal/PC data base access

> Viewer multi user information system

> Central license server

> Various interface modules

Base module

  • 2D drawing/drafting and finishing and editing of 3D views, HGU results and automatically generated isometrics
    • Convenient 2D drawing and diagram creation with many drawing functions
    • Absolute and relative coordinate input
    • All input with formula evaluation for mathematical and text functions
    • Geometric functions for determination of lengths, distances, koordinates, angles, directions etc.
    • Command sequences (macros) for automation of work sequences
    • Interaktive program control via graphics tablet or graphical tool boxes with popup and pulldown menus (Windows : only tablet)
    • Batch mode for fully automated drawing generation etc.
    • Graphic interactive symbol generation
    • Free definable symbol menus with single and grouped part definition, material assignment and call of macros
    • 200 layers for 2D drawings
    • Different scales per drawing / layer possible
    • Automatic part positioning
    • Post-processing of projections taken from 3D (wire frame models and hidden-line-removal results)
    • Import of modifications from 3D into the 2D drawing
    • Access to 2D and 3D coordinates
    • Automatic gradient triangles with hatching and angular dimensions
    • Convenient dimensioning and editing functions for dimensions from 3D
    • Convenient functions for detail creation out of 3D
    • To-scale isometrics
    • Functions for welding seam documentation
    • Shell access from the active program for execution of operation system commands and to start external scripts and programs
    • Import of ASCII files and output of ASCII files
    • Import of MAT part list files etc. with import of position numbers
    • Output in formats HPGL, HPGL/2, HP-PCL, HP-RTL, CaPSL, PRESCRIBE, ESC/P, TIFF, X Bitmap, ASCII
    • Automatic generation of network wide unique counters with free formatting for different number groups
  • Material system
    • Pipe class based material system
    • Pipe class editor
    • ASCII import and export for pipe class data
    • List output with user definable sort and selection keys
    • Mask driven table output of part lists from 2D and 3D with calculations for weights, assembly times etc.
    • Applicable for all kinds of lists, e.g. welding seam documentation, material requisition reports, calculations, etc.
    • Batch mode for fully automated material evaluations, part lists generation, pipe class ASCII export etc.
  • DTX data base (single user / client version)
    • Mask driven table output of DTX data base content
    • ASCII import and export for DTX data base content
  • Integrated online help / documentation
    • Context sensitive help function with display of the corresponding documentation page
    • Keyword search with wildcard evaluation
    • Additional stand-alone DOKU program
  • Spool system for printers and plotters
    • Network wide plotting with spooling queues, change of plot order, copying of plot files
    • Network wide printing with automatic output, text conversion, graphics output
    • Usable as stand-alone system or attached to the printing/spooling system of the operating system
    • Scripts for easy setup
  • Utility programs
    • Shell server, shell client, start script with definition of environment variables
    • Stand-alone version of the formula and expression evaluator
    • Detection of PROCHEM-C file types
    • Output of directory catalogues with PROCHEM-C file types
    • Splitting of files into smaller parts for transportation
    • Creation of color palettes for HPGL/2 plotters
    • Modification/refining of WalkThrough coordinate files
    • Converter for conversion of PROCHEM-C GSTO rasterfiles from 3D into HP-RTL, TIFF, ESC/P and (only on SGI) SGI-RGB
    • Detection of PROCHEM-C platform type
    • Detection of computer and system configuration
    • Scripts for detection of PROCHEM-C environment parameters for use in own scripts
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Isometrics modules

  • Interactive isometrics generation Extends the base module with functions for generation and manipulation of isometrics. The illustration is 2-dimensional, the reference points and measurements of the parts are registered 3-dimensional.
    • Graphic interactive symbol generation wit 5D parametrics (2D illustration and 3D dimensions)
    • Automatic material capture
    • Automatic capture of real pipe lengths ("saw lengths")
    • Automatic capture of elbow angles and stretched elbow lengths
    • Automatic center line offset at excentric parts
    • Automatic import and placing of all pipe parts from schematic drawing to the corresponding isometric pipe
    • Convenient editing functions
    • Convenient dimensioning
    • Complex 2D outlines can be transferred into 3D automatically. After reading into 3D e.g. a ground plan could arise or complex holes can be cut into a wall.
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Schematics module

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3D plant design

  • 3D construction
    • User interface like in base module
    • Interactive construction in multiple views
    • OpenGL connection with hardware acceleration
    • Free switching between shaded and wire frame model
    • Definition of pipe run by center lines
    • Various funktions for creation and manipulation of center lines
    • Element based Symbols
    • Graphic interactive creation and parametrisation of symbols
    • Graphic interactive manipulation of geometries
    • 3D surface modeling system
    • Functions for automatic allocation of center lines with pipes and elbows
    • Automatic material capture
    • Automatic capture of real pipe lengths ("saw lengths")
    • Automatic capture of elbow angles and stretched elbow lengths
    • Automatic and interactive dimensioning functions
    • Automatic import and placing of all pipe parts from schematic drawing to the corresponding 3D pipe
    • Import of isometrics from the interactive isometric module
    • Free formattable ASCII reports of 3D constructions (e.g. as input for calculation programs)
    • Interactive or file controlled WalkTrough of the 3D model
    • Rendering of big raster files (e.g. for printers / plotters)
    • Access to DTX data base (single user or client)
  • Hidden line / hidden surface removal (HGU) with collision detection
    • Generates a surface model from 3D constructions and computes isometric or perspective views and sections
    • Removal of hidden lines
    • Collision detection with collision protocol and graphic marking
    • Additionally flat projections of parts can be computed
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DTX Data Base Server (Multi-User / Multi-Client)

  • Enables the simultaneous access of multiple users or applications to a data base
  • Available for PROCHEM-C workstations or stand-alone server
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Mask driven data base client for terminal/PC data base access

  • Enables access to the content of the data base in alpha masks on terminal windows, remote connections and ASCII terminals
  • Depending on the definition of the masks data can be viewed or edited
  • The access type (no access / read only / edit) to the individual data can be configured for every user individually
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Viewer multi user information system

  • Reading, zooming and printing/plotting of PROCHEM-C documents like flow charts, schematic drawings, layout plans, sections, isometrics, equipment specifications etc.
  • Simple usage by interactive program control with tool boxes (with popup and pulldown menus)
  • Online access to DTX data base (single user or client)
  • Runs on a server or a server workstation
  • Display on :
    • Workstations
    • Diskless clients with X server
    • X terminals
    • Windows PCs with X server
    that are connected to the server via the network
  • Server/host license for multi user usage
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Central license server

  • Central distribution of licenses of different modules to any workstation in the network
  • Allows flexible use of the modules on different workstations
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Interface modules

Informations about the Interface modules are shown on a separate page.

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