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Image : 3D construction

Interfaces and Output Formats

Interfaces available for PROCHEM-C :

Bidirectional :

  • AC3D (open PROCHEM-C ASCII format for 3D constructions)
  • IGDS 2D & 3D (Microstation up to V7)
  • DXF (2D)

Export :

  • VRML 1.0 and 2.0
  • DXF (3D)

Import :

  • HPGL (2D)

Converters :

  • SGI Inventor (3D ; Subset for reading Pro/Engineer output) to PROCHEM-C AC3D

Additional interfaces on request.

Output data formats :

    • Different free formatable output in the different modules, e.g. the centerline report for data transfer to calculation programs like Rohr2 or CaesarII, or free formatable list output in MAT program, e.g. for direct generation of HTML, XML or CSV files.
  • HPGL, HPGL/2
  • HP RTL
  • HP PCL
  • Kyocera Prescribe
  • Canon CGL
  • TIFF
  • SGI-RGB (only on SGI)

Conversion utilities and complete solutions for other formats (e.g. PostScript, PDF, CSV, Excel, RTF, HTML) are available as third party solutions from our development partners or can be developed according to specific needs.

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